Patrick McIlwee

A Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute & Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection & Emergency Management, and a member of the Institute of Emergency Safety Managers. With over 20 years experience in the fields of disaster management and business continuity and has been involved in operational responses to over 4752 incidents around the world.

Patrick is one of the co-authors of the Encyclopaedia of Crisis Management, and is writing two books, one of Resilience the other on Incident Management Patrick’s wide ranging experience, including detailed knowledge of many ISO standards, and is in fact an examiner on Lead Auditor exams for some standards Bodies, this has enabled him to offer advice and support across the range of Multi-Nationals to SMEs in a wide variety of sectors including; Airports Authorities, Local Government, oil companies, Health Services, Industrial Organizations, Mining companies , Local Authorities, Retail Outlets, Transport & Logistics Organizations, Utilities Companies, Voluntary Organizations, Banks and Banking Regulators. This includes HAZOP Process Safety management and may other aspects involved with the Oil & Gas industry.

For many years a prominent member of the BCI’s Global Membership Council, Patrick has used his in-depth knowledge to help develop certification standards and skills benchmarking, including the BCI entrance exam and the CFA European standard. He has also volunteered his experience to co-ordinate a BCI response to the recent tragic event in Japan following the March 2011 earthquake. Additionally, Patrick acts as an international guest speaker for the BCI and the BCM community.

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