Advanced Maintenance & Reliability Excellence Training Program

Course Overview

Companies today face an ever-increasing competition and diminishing margins in the global arena. A culture of disruptive innovation combined with visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of process improvement and cost reduction done right are the ingredients required for survival and growth. Equipment must be safe and reliable and process variability must be eliminated; your people must be motivated and supported with targeted training and a robust cum efficient organizational structure.

This highly motivational & informative course is designed to provide an immersive training environment that maximizes the interaction between attendees and instructor as well as attendees and their peers. The course delivers a combination of individual and group exercises to heighten the learning experience. You will learn how to take multiple choice exams as well as reviewing the technical information of the % pillars and $ areas of Core Competence necessary to become certified.

Learning Objective

  • Increased Credibility : Organizations with CMRP certified employees have increased credibility in the industry and are recognized as having a high standard for maintenance and reliability practices.
  • Improved Performance: CMRP-certified employees have the skills and knowledge to improve maintenance and reliability practices, which can lead to increased equipment uptime, reduced downtime, and improved asset performance.
  • Enhanced Safety : CMRP certification ensures that employees have a strong understanding of safety procedures and practices, which can help prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Cost Savings : Improved maintenance and reliability practices can result in cost savings for organizations by reducing equipment failures, decreasing maintenance costs, and improving asset lifespan.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Reliability Professionals
  • Maintenance Professionals
  • Asset & Plant Professionals
  • Operation Professionals
  • Production Professionals
  • Condition Monitoring Professionals
  • Rotating Equipment Professionals
  • Manufacturing Professionals

Why to Attend ?

  • APPLY! Get the real ROI by achieving the highest implementation rate of your learning.
  • CUSTOMIZE! Enjoy the benefits of a fully tailor-made training in the privacy of your organization.
  • ENGAGE! Make your onboarding & training count with our interactive learning programs US

Trainer Profile

Reliability and Maintenance Management Consultant with varied experience of small to large implementation projects within all fields of Reliability and Maintenance Management, and its tie ins with Materials Management. (Supply Chain and Logistics)

The first Icelander to become certified as a Certified European Expert in Maintenance Management (by the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies), the 475th person in all of the programs history, and the last one to get certified by the examination provided by the Danish National Maintenance Society (DDV).


Overview of course contents
SMRP Body Of Knowledge (BoK)
Pillars Overview
Maintenance & Reliability (M&R) Best
Practice Pretest

2.Reliability Engineering Concept & Calculation
M&R Terms Definition, RAMS, SAMP, AMP,
MTBF, MTTR, etc.
Asset Utilization & OEE
Reliability Curves & Asset Performance
Maintenance Profit Center
Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing Concept
M&R Benchmarking
ISO 55000 Frame work

1.Ensure Maintenance & Reliability Activities Improve the Manufacturing Process
Maintaining process and industry standards and specifications
Understanding the manufacturing process
Manufacturing effectiveness techniques
Process Variation Measurement & Improvement Tools
Seven Quality Control Tools
Reliability Modeling (RBD, CA, FMEA & FMECA)
Technical Standards and Compliance

1.Assess Equipment & Process Capabilities (RAM), & Apply the Most Appropriate Maintenance Best.

Determining equipment and process performance expectations
Establishing current performance levels and analyze gaps
Problem Solving Techniques
Establishing a maintenance strategy to assure asset performance
PdM Program Development and Justification
P-F Curve, Cost of Failure & Predicating Failures

1.Assuring M&R Staff Is The Most Qualified & Best Assigned to Achieve Organization Goals

Assessing organization compliance, direction, Requirements and Capability
Developing the maintenance and reliability organizaional structure
Developing the maintenance and reliability staff skills & competency
Communicating maintenance and reliability performance to the organization

1.Focuses on skills used for Planning & Schedule Activities, Quality Assurance of Maintenance Activities, and Stores & Inventory Management Activities

Work Identifying
Developing a prioritization system
Effectively planning work prior to scheduling
Effectively scheduling work and managing the backlog
Effectively managing resources
Documenting work execution
Reviewing history and identifying failures
Measuring and reviewing performance
Planning capital projects
Material Management control & improvement

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