Online Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) Training Program

Course Overview

Certified Ethical hacking training is the most advanced course in the world with 18 modules that contains the most advanced topics of security domain that will help keep you well equipped to safeguard your organization from the latest Trojan, virus malware and other security threats.

Our highly qualified, awarded and experienced trainer who is also Microsoft’s MPV (Most valuable professional) & EC-Council instructor has designed 140 real time lab scenarios in this courses that will help you understand the real time cyber/security attacks. This will also enhance your knowledge to not only safeguard your organization but also to use a 100% offensive method against hackers.

Learning Objective

The objective of certified ethical hacking CEH (V9) is to make you a master of an ethical hacking methodology that can be used in penetration testing, vulnerability testing and more. On completion of the CEH V9 Certification training, you will be well equipped with all the ethical hacking skill which will highly benefit you as an information security professional.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Information Assurance (IA) Security officer
  • Information Security Analyst/Administrator
  • Information Security Manager/Specialist
  • Information Systems Security Engineer/Manager
  • Security Analyst
  • Information Security Officers
  • Information Security Auditors
  • Risk/Vulnerability Analyst
  • Many more

Training Takeaways

  • Fundamentals of various computer and network security threats
  • Understanding of identity theft, phishing scams, malware, social engineering, and financial frauds
  • Learn to safeguard mobile, media and protect data
  • Protecting computers, accounts, and social networking profiles as a user
  • Understand security incidents and reporting

Trainer Profile

Qualifications :

  • EC-Council Instructor (CEI) since 2011 / CEH, CND, ECSA
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since 1998 / MCSE & MCSA 2017

Awards :

  • EC-Council Instructor of the Year Award, 2016
  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for Cloud and Datacenter Security: yearly awarded since 2005

CEI instructional related activities :

  • 15 classes ( 12 CEH v9 classes, 2 CEH v9 TTT classes, 1 ECSA class) Classes delivered in 5 different countries ( Germany, Nederland, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria)
  • 7 CEH v9 classes delivered for Army Europe Information Technology Training (AEI-TT) program. This is a special program created by US government for the US Army staff

Community Activities :

  • Organizer of two CEI CEH Train-the-Trainer
  • MCT Regional Lead
  • IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) EMEA Board Member
  • Hacker Halted 2016, Microsoft Ignite 2016, 2017, more…


• Information Security Overview
• Information Security Threats and Attack Vectors
• Hacking Concepts, Types & Phases
• Ethical Hacking Concepts & Scope
• Information Security Controls Physical Security
• Incident Management

• Footprinting Concepts
• Footprinting Methodology
• Footprinting Tools
• Footprinting Countermeasures
• Footprinting Penetration Testing

• Overview of Network Scanning
• CEH Scanning Methodology<

• Designing
• Protecting Network Security

• Controlling Access
• Managing Identity

• Enumeration Concepts
• NetBIOS Enumeration
• SNMP Enumeration
• LDAP Enumeration
• NTP Enumeration
• SMTP Enumeration
• Enumeration Countermeasures
• SMB Enumeration Countermeasures
• Enumeration Penetration Testing

• Evaluating Information for System Hacking
• System Hacking Goals
• CEH Hacking Methodology (CHM)
• CEH System Hacking Steps Hiding Files
• Hiding Files & Penetration Testings

• Introduction to Malware
• Trojan Concepts
• Types of Trojans
• Trojan Concepts
• Virus and Worms Concepts
• Countermeasures
• Anti-Malware Software
• Penetration Testing

• Sniffing Concepts
• MAC Attacks
• DHCP Attacks
• ARP Poisoning
• Spoofing Attack
• DNS Poisoning
• Sniffing Tools
• Sniffing Tool: Wireshark
• Packet Sniffing Tool
• Network Packet Analyser
• Countermeasures Sniffing Detection

• Social Engineering Concepts
• Social Engineering Techniques
• Impersonation on Social Networking Sites
• Identity Theft

• DoS/DDos Concepts
• DoS/DDoS Attack Techniques
• Botnets
• DDoS Case Study
• Dos/DDos Attack Tools
• Counter-Measures
• Dos/DDos Protection Tools
• DoS/DDos Attack Penetration Testing

• Session Hijacking Concepts
• Countermeasures and Penetration Testing
• Application Level Session Hijacking
• Network Level Session Hijacking
• Session Hijacking Tools

• Webserver Concepts
• Webserver Attacks
• Webserver Security Tools
• Countermeasures, Security Tool & Penetration Testing

• Web Application Concepts
• Web Application Threats
• Web Application Hacking Methodology
• Web Application Hacking Tools
• Countermeasures, Security Tool & Penetration Testing

• Mobile Platform Attack Vectors
• Hacking Android OS
• Hacking iOS
• Hacking Windows Phone
• Hacking Blackberry
• Mobile Device Management (MDM)
• Mobile Security Guidelines, Tools And Penetration Testing

• IDS, Firewalls & honeypot System
• Evading IDS/Firewalls
• IDS/Firewall Evading Tools
• Detecting Honeypots
• IDS/Firewall Evasion
• Countermeasures & Penetration Testing

• Introduction to Cloud Computing
• Cloud Computing Threats
• Cloud Computing Attacks
• Cloud Security Tools & Penetration Testing
• Countermeasures, Security Tool & Penetration Testing<

• Case Study: Heartbleed
• Case Study: Poodlebleed
• Cryptography Concepts
• Cryptography Tools
• Many Other Topics & Sub-Topics

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