Mark Dougherty

Mark Dougherty

The trainer, Mark Dougherty, is a full-time Risk Management Consultant who currently resides in London UK and who periodically takes time out to teach Risk Management courses worldwide, including Liquidity Risk, Asset-Liability Management and Treasury Risk Management.

His courses focus on the practical and the important elements that are essential to achieving success. It’s not just about textbook learning. Originally from North America, Mark has worked extensively in Toronto & New York & other major financial centers around the globe.

Mark has worked in financial services organizations of all types and sizes and, including small and large. He has led major Risk-related transformation programmes using his subject matter expertise for Institution-wide Risk Management and corporate governance initiatives.

Mark is an experienced Subject-matter Programme Director with a successful track record in implementing regulatory initiatives to establish industry-leading standards in Liquidity Risk, Risk and Governance in all aspects of Asset-Liability, Credit, Market, Conduct, and Operational Risks.

Mark provides global risk training educational services on Risk Management in both developed (British Bankers’ Association in the UK, ABN AMRO Bank, ING Group and Rabobank in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Wells Fargo in the USA) and emerging markets, including Egypt, United Arab Emirates(Dubai & Union National Bank, Abu Dhabi), Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia.

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