How AI is Transforming Human Resources


Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables machines to “think like humans” to perform tasks such as learning, problem-solving & language processing. AI is moving into the HR sector and transforming the way HR teams go about recruiting, training and managing employees. HR departments offer a huge opportunity for AI software. It automates the workload & boost efficiency.

AI bots can go through an employee’s search history, messages & docs and can identify the unusual activities. Employees must keep learning new skills and knowledge about their industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps employees by facilitating courses which guide through new materials.

AI is useful in recruiting & training. The applicants can interact with AI to submit their resume and answer the basic questions. Resume review, short-listing potential candidates, scheduling interviews are the initial and essential tasks of recruiters. They can save time by automating such administrative tasks and they can select applications from a larger pool in a simple and systematic way. AI helps HR by making the hiring process quicker and convenient.

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